Anupam Kher’s Love For Morning Walk

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1. Anupam Kher loses 14 kg in his 60s
2. He recently shared a picture when he went out for morning walk
3. He never misses the fitness training session

Do you know how good is a morning walk for your health? Despite the busy schedules, climate and other excuses that can be found out, we have a well-known actor who never misses his morning walk. He is Anupam Kher, a Bollywood actor.

When you can’t find a pic to post, you rely on your looks in the pic. #JaiHo

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Anupam Kher, who is in his 60s, recently shared a walking photo of himself on Instagram. Reports say that Anupam Kher takes an hour walking every morning and he enjoys it a lot for sure.

Recently, he went through a weight loss process and lost about 14 kg. He had also shared it on the social media platform.

Describing the entire journey of weight loss as a tougher one, he inspires everyone to remain fit despite the different factors that drag you behind. The actor who started physical training at a gym as a part of the weight loss process continues to do it along with the morning walk.

He also shared once in the social media that actors like Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kumar motivated him to get back to fitness.

According to media reports, he avoids rice, sweets etc from the daily menu to stay healthy.



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