Baby Inside Womb Can Learn Things: Is It True?

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  1. It is a fact that the baby can record sounds they hear
  2. Studies reveal that what they hear and taste will be recorded. They will recollect it once they come out of the womb
  3. That is why baby recognize the mother’s voice
  4. Singing songs or telling stories while inside the womb helps them connect to the world easily

It is a known fact that learning begins from inside the mother’s womb. Pregnant women are always advised to see, hear and feel good and positive, in order to get the same vibes to the baby inside.

So, what exactly is the science behind it? Is it true or just stories?

Yes, you can rely on the ancient wisdom in this matter. Various researches have explored the subject and found out that whatever the fetus hear and taste is kept in memory and they will recollect it once out in the world.

In simple words, when the mother talks to the baby, she or he can understand her voice, once he or she comes out of the womb. Extensive researches also reveal that the babies while inside the womb even record the words they hear and this helps the language skills of the child.

In a study, when the children listened to unfamiliar sounds, they reacted accordingly to hear more of the new sounds. At the same time, when they were exposed to familiar sounds they just listened to it stopping whatever they were doing. Thus, it is proof that baby learns while inside the mothers’ womb.

Even though the baby inside can recognize and keep a memory of what he hears, it is not recommended to regularly try listening to loud noises or keeping the headphone on the belly. Loud noise, from the headphone on the belly, may distract the sleep cycle of the baby and indirectly affects the fetal development. Too much of music may also overstimulate the brain development and auditory development.

How to try teaching the baby?

Instead of just keep talking or singing to the baby inside all the time, wait for the baby to give the signal. When he or she is awake, when the baby is in an active mood, try singing songs or telling stories.

Listening classical music (Carnatic, Hindustani etc.) during pregnancy has been found to be effective in many. It enhances the mood of the mother and helps the baby listen to such soothing music.

According to experts, trying such things when you are pregnant would not improve the baby’s ability to learn. But rather helps the baby to associate certain sounds or people when comes out to the world. It helps connect to the world in a better way.

It is also to be noted that the baby inside can also get the tastes you have. Through the amniotic fluid, the baby will feel the tastes, and if you eat more of veggies and fruits, he or she will also develop a favor to such tastes.

Above all, communicating with your baby is more of the importance of bonding between the mother and the baby than learning. So, move according to your feelings. Make sure your partner also gets involved and be familiar with the baby inside.



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