Baby’s Physical Appearance and Factors Influencing It

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  1. Baby’s skin color cannot be changed through food
  2. It is influenced by parent’s gene
  3. Through proper vitamins and minerals, you can ensure a healthy baby

Through the long taught and perceived history, it has been a misconception that babies are beautiful on the fair skin. It is absolutely wrong, and scientifically, nothing can be done to get a fair skin baby or the so called beautiful babies.

As per biological studies, the skin and physical features of the baby are all genetics. Though some dietary factors influence some features like bone strength and cognitive abilities of the baby while inside the womb, apart from that, external factors are less likely to influence the skin of the baby.

Usually, the baby gets the physical features of the mother, father or any of the acquaintances. It can sometimes be the features of a great great grandmother. But still, it is through genetics; such features are expressed. In contrary, some believe that external environment plays a role in determining such factors. Some believe that simple changes in diet can deliver a fair skin child or a beautiful child.

What are those practices passed as ancient wisdom?

  1. Having milk with saffron

People in different countries including India share a belief that drinking milk with saffron strands gets you a fair skinned baby. There are no scientific proofs for the same, but people practice it.

  1. Looking at beautiful pictures, scenic or sights

Again another myth that people practice. Looking at beautiful people, pictures or scenic is believed to get fair skinned or beautiful babies. It never works that way and considered as utter foolishness.

  1. Having coconut

Some believe that eating coconut gets you fair a skin baby which is again not proved.

Meanwhile, being positive and happy can influence your baby. Your happiness will definitely be felt by the baby and it creates positivity in the baby. Apart from all these, eating nutritious food nourishes your child with proper health. Instead of eyeing for a beautiful baby, eating enough food and drinking required water helps you deliver a healthy child.

In addition, vitamin supplements can help the fetal development and hence ensure the normal physical appearance of the baby. Foods rich in Omega 3, Folic Acid and other vitamins and minerals enhance the fetal development stage by stage.

A baby will usually be in pink color when he/she is born. The blood vessels visible through thin-skin of the baby is the reason for pink color which fades away naturally. As the baby gets used to the outer world and grows by having breast milk, it takes the natural skin tone.

Sometimes, the baby may have bluish tinge here or there due to excessive crying. It usually disappears on its own after some time. If it didn’t disappear soon, it could be a problem with blood circulation, for which a consultation with the doctor is needed. Experts also restrict the parents on applying too much of baby powder or other home remedies like turmeric and oil to increase the skin complexion of the baby. Such attempts to change the skin tone of the baby are vague and actually cause some health risks to the baby.



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