Can a Glass of Milk Every Day Add to a Lady’s Charm?

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1. Women should consume about 350 ml of milk every day

2. Milk is an example of a protein with high biological value

3. Milk helps strengthen one’s bones and teeth

4. Cow’s milk is the most preferred type of milk for consumption

Children are often instructed to consume two glasses of milk regularly. Research has, as a matter of fact, shown that milk is instrumental in strengthening one’s bones and to assure the overall well-being of a child. However, the practice fades away upon entering adulthood. Should adults consider drinking milk daily? The answer is – yes. Experts recommend that milk ought to be consumed by all women. This includes the consumption of milk products such as curd, lassi, and the likes.

How Much Milk Should a Woman Consume?

According to Gayathry Abhilash, a senior nutritionist based in Kerala’s capital city Thiruvananthapuram, women must consume approximately 350 milliliters (ml) of milk every day. It is said that 150 ml ought to be consumed in its original while the remaining 200 ml could be consumed along with tea or coffee as well as in the form of milk products – namely curd or even buttermilk or lassi.

However, women who are lactating are advised to consume for about 750 ml a day. This quantity is inclusive of the milk consumed along with tea, coffee, and curd. The reason is – these women need more calcium, protein and phosphorous in their diet, especially during the initial six months of the lactation period.

Women in their post-menopausal stage ought to have an in-take of 500 milliliters. These women are prone to osteoporosis and various hormonal imbalances. Milk, hence, would help them strengthen their bones and provide them with the apt amount of protein.

The Many Benefits

Did you know that milk is the most easily accessible protein with a high biological value? In other words, the protein present in milk will be absorbed by the body in its entirety.

Milk also helps in strengthening one’s bones and teeth as it contains calcium. It is, hence, recommended that women in the post-menopausal stage consume milk to combat osteoporosis.

Interestingly, the lactic acid present in some milk products, especially curd, is said to help tackle many gastric ailments. Now, you know why mother dearest always insisted upon a cup of curd after lunch or dinner!

Milk in Ayurveda

Interestingly, Ayurvedic texts also state the following benefits of consuming milk, especially cow’s milk:

  1. It can help heal nerve pain
  2. It is also said to relieve one of the oral ulcers
  3. It helps in improving the body’s immunity levels
  4. It can also help cure bleeding disorders, including nasal bleeding

The Preferred Variety of Milk

There are three prominent sources of milk that many people resort to across India – cow, goat, buffalo. Of the list, the cow’s milk is said to be the best for consumption, especially for women.

Are You Wondering Why?

It is said that the quantity of calcium and phosphorous present in cow’s milk is favorable for the human body. Studies have shown that cow’s milk is, most often, easily absorbed by the human body. Hence, there are lesser chances of a person developing a certain degree of intolerance to the product.

However, if you are worried about gaining more weight upon the consumption of milk, then skimmed milk would be a wise choice. This refers to the milk that has little or no fat present in it. Hence, it is healthier than the other types of milk. You could make your skimmed milk! Pasteurize the milk and remove the fat from the top layer. This milk is healthy and provides one with all the essential nutrients in the best manner.

Is There is Preferred Time for Consumption?

Generally, experts state that there is no literature that elaborates on the ideal time of the day for the consumption of milk. However, many commented that milk ought to be consumed during the day instead of a few hours before bed. This is to ensure that one remains more active and can perform better. In short, milk could be consumed early morning or at any time before noon (Eg: During the tea-break at work).

Then again, it must also be remembered that milk is not a substitute for a meal. Although it is said to be ‘complete food item,’ it does provide a person with the apt amount of other essential elements such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Excessive milk consumption can alter the levels of cholesterol as well.

Well ladies, consume a glass of milk and live a longer and healthier life!



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