Can Hot-tub Baths Or Sauna Harm the Baby Inside? Know More

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  1. Sauna is a wooden-lined room that produces dry heat with low humidity
  2. Jacuzzi is a trade name for hot-tub spas
  3. They produce higher temperature which elevates body temperature of pregnant woman
  4. Exposure to higher temperature may cause fainting or birth defects in the baby
  5. In case you use such therapy, use it at low temperature, preferably below 35 degree Celsius

A sauna is a room, made of wood linings that eliminate dry heat with low humidity. Mostly similar to the kind of steam bath, the sauna is usually maintained at higher temperatures.

Hot tubs are often known in its trade name Jacuzzi. It is small pool kind of setup with techniques to heat the water. It can be used for hydrotherapy and also as a relaxation method.

It is always a dilemma whether to use such facilities when you are pregnant. Normally, such methods are used in as therapy to regain a healthy life. But as far as pregnancy is concerned treatments with higher temperatures are not recommended.

According to expert opinion, the women generally experience higher body temperature during pregnancy. If hot tubs or sauna has been used, it again makes the woman warmer, and longer exposure to that heat may invite unnecessary illnesses.

Even in normal condition, medical experts suggest hot tub bath only with 40 degree Celsius temperature. It is possible in hot tubs or Jacuzzis. But considered as dangerous when it comes to the sauna. Since sauna produces dry heat, it may turn out to be intolerable for the pregnant woman. Overheating the body may end up with fainting or affecting the fetal development.

A study published in American Journal of Epidemiology in November 2013 substantiates that, pregnant women who had hot tub baths were twice more likely to have a miscarriage than women who did not use. The same study also found out that with increasing temperature of water in hot tubs there are higher chances of miscarriage.

Another study which explored the pros and cons of using Sauna found out that even non-pregnant women could not tolerate 80 degree Celsius of heat for fifteen minutes. The study thus indicates its impact on pregnant women. The study recommends all those pregnant women to reduce the time inside sauna if they wish to continue using the method.

Researches reveal that exposure to a higher temperature during the first trimester of pregnancy can cause birth defects like neural tube defects as well.

In some parts of the world, sauna has been an inevitable factor of lifestyle and women there are using it even during pregnancy. The therapy helps total rejuvenation of the body and mind without any medical intervention.

So, it is recommended not to expose to extreme temperatures that elevate the body temperature of the pregnant women from normal. Hot tubs or sauna can be limited to an extent during pregnancy for the safety of the mother and the baby inside.



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