Check-out Katrina Kaif’s Fitness Secrets

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1. Katrina Kaif has recently revealed her workout routine through a video
2. She also practices Yoga
3. For the movie Dhoom 3, she had followed a strict physical regimen with pilates

On Thursday, Katrina Kaif posted a picture of her well worked-out body with a caption ‘up and at it’. Her daily workout style has already revealed through a video posted by the actress Alia Bhatt. Katrina was seen supervising the training of Alia Bhatt counting her abdomen crunches.

Working out with friends is always fun and we could see it in the follow-up posts in which Katrina was totally into the gym training.

Up and at it …….

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Earlier, for the big budget movie, Dhoom 3, Katrina had gone for hard Pilates training and other exercises. A flexible body was important to do the character for which she worked hard and achieved.

She also practices yoga regularly. She practices core and abs exercises including swimming, jogging, and iso-planks.



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