Food Cravings During Pregnancy

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  1. Pregnant women crave for certain food
  2. Some attributes it to the demand of the body for certain nutrients during pregnancy
  3. It can also be an effect of hormonal actions
  4. Pregnancy cravings should be dealt with healthy choices

Some women crave for pickles while some need sour-tasted food items during the early pregnancy. Despite the morning sickness and discomforts, women in early pregnancy crave for some food. Though some studies have explored the reason behind it, nothing particularly attributes to this increased craving during pregnancy.

Many suggest that the demand of the body during pregnancy for extra nutrition can be a reason behind the food cravings. But it cannot be backed completely as pregnant women even crave for processed food or food with added sugar that never supplies any nutrition but just extra calories.

Some nutritionists recommend that when a pregnant woman craves for pickles, it can be an indication of the need for sodium in the body. Having pickles provide you with enough sodium to the body, but too much of it may result in other health issues. Similarly, craving for citric acid may be the requirement of body especially in the last weeks of pregnancy.

Some pregnant women also experience late-night cravings, especially for ice-creams or snacks. Scientifically, late-night eating habits are not good for your health, and it is better to avoid it. In order to save you from such late-night craving eat the dinner a little early and have some milk for bed time. It may help you with night cravings, but it may not be effective in some too.

In India, usually, the pregnancy is associated with sour mango that is not ripened. Some even announce the pregnancy by even eating it, showing the food cravings.

“I had cravings for eating Masala Dosa from Indian Coffee house ( a co-operative hotel chain spread in India) during my pregnancy. I don’t know why, but it happens. My husband usually takes me for the regular prenatal visits, and after consulting the doctor, we usually rush to the coffee house to have Masala Dosa,” shares Sobha, a 43-year-old housewife residing in Kerala, and grandmother to a 3-year-old baby.

So, what are the common foods that pregnant women crave for?

  1. Ice
  2. Chocolate
  3. Spicy food
  4. Pickles
  5. Chips and fired items
  6. Ice cream
  7. Lemon
  8. Coffee

For some tea and coffee may be the last choice during pregnancy while for some, they wanted to sip coffee frequently. Anyway whatever the food cravings are, it is always recommended to have the healthy choices. Frequent eating of processed food or spicy food may harm your health. Limit intake of such food items and divert yourself to nutritious food like fruits and vegetables. Diary items also supply you with enough nutrients.

Hormonal action during pregnancy can also be a reason for food cravings. In women, these food cravings can also be seen during or around menstrual cycle. Some crave for chocolate during the periods and it can be the hormones.

Meanwhile, some women may feel a metallic taste in your mouth during the early pregnancy weeks. It is called Dysgeusia, distorted taste.  It can be another after effect of hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. It usually occurs in the first trimester and disappears as the pregnancy progresses.

Pregnant or not, always make healthy choices and ensure adequate nutrient supply. It is more important when you are pregnant as you need more nutrients than normal.



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