Does Fetal Movement Predict Gender Of The Baby? Know More

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  1. Fetal movements are detected early in second or third pregnancy
  2. Researches show that fetal movements were not associated with gender of the baby
  3. Other factors like placental positions and weight influence the fetal movements

Screening the gender of the baby is prohibited by law in India along with some other countries. Due to the evil called female feticides, people here may misuse it if such facilities existed.

But, it is a fact that before such facilities like ultra sound scanning, people used to predict the sex of the baby. Though most of such predictions do not guarantee the accuracy, sometimes it may become true, only on luck. One such misconception is about fetal movements and sex of the baby.

Many misbelieve that active fetal movement is an indication of a baby girl while early detection of fetal movement by the mother is an indication of a boy.

According to the researches done on this topic, fetal movements are in no way related to the gender of the baby. It usually depends on individual factors including the weight of the baby and placental position. It has been said that the kicks and movements of a baby boy can be detected early, usually around the 20th week. But this is totally dependent on the mother. If it is the first pregnancy, the mother may be unable to know the kicks early while for the second pregnancy the mother can recognize it as early as the 16th week as well.

Similarly, some just say baby girls are active while in some other parts of the world it has been said that baby boys are more active.

Other such misconceptions also include the following:

  1. If the woman carries a baby boy, then the mother become more beautiful
  2. If the woman carries a baby girl then the belly will be small
  3. Craving for sweets is an indication of girl while craving for sour or salty is a sign of boy

There is no scientific evidence to prove such passed-through-mouth information. Still, it passes on generations, but most of them may feel contrary to many when it comes to real life experiences. Even genetics can also play an important role in the activity or behavior of the baby while inside the womb.



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