Does Pregnancy Affect Your Hair And Nails? Know More

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  1. During pregnancy, hair may get thicker, and nails may get stronger
  2. Hormonal functions especially estrogen results in such changes
  3. But in some women, the hormonal actions create opposite impact
  4. All those good conditions of hair and nails may disappear post-delivery

Hair and nails are always a major factor as far as beauty is concerned. People try different styles and color the nails in different ways to enhance that beauty quotient. While working hard to get it right in your normal days, you get good hair and fast growing nails in your pregnancy. May be to cope with those discomforts, you get those lovely locks without much effort, during pregnancy.

Many would have noticed a decrease in loss of hair during pregnancy. What exactly leads to a good condition of hair throughout pregnancy? According to experts, it is again the hormonal functions that make your hair better. The increased blood circulation and supply of more nutrients during pregnancy also create a positive environment for thick hair.

A higher level of estrogen acts upon the hair growth and restricts the shedding of unwanted hair. This makes your hair thicker and shinier. But at the same time, the hormonal action may also increase your facial hair. So, you also have reason to worry about it. In some cases, hormones may even change the texture of the hair like curly hair becomes straight during pregnancy.

Similarly, the hormone actions can make your nails better with strong and shiny. But in some pregnant women, it also makes the nails brittle. The effect of hormone and its level of production are all based on individual factors and hence it varies.

It is also to be noted that all those pregnancy glow, thicker hair and better nails fade away with delivery. In turn, post-delivery, the woman may experience increased loss of hair, again blame it on changes in hormonal actions.

Some Tips for Hair and Nail Care During Pregnancy:

  1. Waxing or other hair removal treatments may be painful during pregnancy as you skin is more sensitive. So think twice before you do it.
  2. Get a regular pedicure and manicure to condition the growing nails during pregnancy.
  3. Stick to your personal hygiene for the health of your hair and nails.
  4. When you wash your hair avoid bending too much or standing for too long. Get in a comfortable position and do the washing or visit a salon.
  5. Shaving is more preferred during pregnancy as it does not involve painful procedures.
  6. If the nails become brittle and soft, use gloves to protect it while doing household activities.



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