FDA Approves IQool Patient Cooling System

Medbuzztoday Editorial Team | May 19, 2017 | 0 Comments

U.S. FDA has approved BrainCool’s IQool patient cooling system. The company is based in Lund, Sweden.

More from the press release:

The IQool System is a next-generation precision surface cooling system intended for temperature management with a focus on three independent anatomical zones: head/neck, thigh and torso. The IQool System quickly and effectively cools adult patients when clinically indicated using easy-to-apply non-stick adhesive pads prefilled with BCCOOL (a non-toxic and bacteria-static cooling agent) that are attached to an automated chiller. The IQool engages within seconds, allowing clinicians in a variety of settings to manage patient temperature quickly and effectively.

“Precise and tolerable temperature management can be critical in achieving positive patient outcomes in a large variety of clinical settings. The patented IQool System is designed to work with both sedated and conscious patients, and works with several independent cooling zones of the body to maximize its effectiveness,” commented BrainCool CEO Martin Waleij.

The company focused on next-generation temperature management systems. The technology platform both cools and warms patients using focused anatomical zones as opposed to whole body applications such as cooling blankets. BrainCool dramatically advances the temperature management standard of care by delivering a physically-targeted, speed-driven temperature management system designed to be easy to use and effective. The company currently markets a number of CE-marked devices in Europe addressing therapeutic hypothermia for cardiac arrest and stroke (BrainCool and RhinoChill), with products focused on oncology, traumatic brain injury and pain management currently in development.

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