FDA Approves Myoscience iovera System for Treating Painful Osteoarthritic Knees

Medbuzztoday Editorial Team | May 22, 2017 | 0 Comments

Myoscience, a company headquartered in California, has received FDA approval for its iovera cryoneurolysis system. The company in a press release revealed that the system is used for the pain relief and symptoms arising from osteoarthritis.

“The iovera technology has the potential to change the current paradigm of pain management for osteoarthritis”, said Dr. Vinod Dasa, MD, a member of Myoscience’s Medical Advisory Board. “The patients that I have treated with this technology have experienced immediate and long-lasting pain relief; and are grateful to have an option that is non-narcotic and non-systemic.”

Cary Vance, President and CEO of Myoscience, said that “The addition of osteoarthritis to the indications for the iovera° treatment will help in extending our innovative non-opioid therapy to more patients, especially in the growing baby-boomer population. I anticipate this technology to become the non-narcotic and non-systemic solution of choice to manage knee pain.”

The study was published in the Osteoarthritis and Cartilage journal.

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