How to Deal With Those Embarrassing Symptoms of Pregnancy?

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  1. Pregnancy also has some embarrassing symptoms
  2. Hormonal action can cause excess gas formation in the body
  3. Pressure of the baby’s weight on bladder may cause urine leakages
  4. It can also affect the sexual desire in the woman
  5. Most of the embarrassing symptoms cannot be prevented but can be dealt wisely

A woman goes through dramatic changes during pregnancy. It should also be discussed and dealt with. Here are some such embarrassing symptoms that a woman may experience during the pregnancy terms:

  1. Excessive gas

Due to the hormonal action and physical changes during pregnancy, the body may produce excessive gas. As you have less control of your muscles during pregnancy, you may not be able to control it, and it may embarrass you once in a while. Especially at workplaces or family functions, you may have to go through that fart moment.

Eat frequent meals than having one big meal at a stretch. Avoid those food items like processed food that adds to the bloating nature during the pregnancy.

  1. Increasing acne

Despite the pregnancy glow and radiance, she may have to deal with the increasing acne on face and neck. Blame it on hormonal actions during pregnancy and there are no ways to reduce it. Just keep your face clean and wash frequently.

  1. Itchy nipples

As the pregnancy progresses your breasts also begin to grow, preparing for lactation. Due to the enlargements of breasts, the skin stretches, and it may cause itching on nipples. You may feel like scratching, and it is embarrassing.

If you have bloody discharge from one or both of your nipples consult with your doctor. It can be a sign of other diseases including a breast cancer. Otherwise, deal the itching with moisturizer or body lotion.

  1. Leaking urine

It is another embarrassing thing. When you cough or sneeze, you may leak urine. It is an unwanted thing to happen in your life while alive. But unfortunately, it can happen as you progress to the third trimester of pregnancy. The growing baby may exert pressure on your bladder, and the muscles may go a bit out of control.

Hence it is recommended to wear a panty liner in the third trimester to avoid leakages embarrassing you.

  1. Water break

It can happen anytime, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about it. It is not in your control and women overcome it. But still, when your amniotic membrane breaks and the fluid inside gushes out. You may feel bad about yourself, especially when it happens in public. There is no way to prevent it, but use pads or panty liners to save yourself from leakages, but it cannot protect you from the rush of fluid.

  1. Hemorrhoids

They have dilated blood vessels around your anus and visible like varicose veins. It happens due to the baby’s weight and its pressure on the groin. It can happen in most of the pregnant women, and it may also bleed.

If it becomes an inflammation with bleeding, it may need some kind of medication. Or else, keep the area clean and dry.

  1. Nausea and vomiting

The inevitable symptom of pregnancy. You may be talking effortlessly with someone and at that moment feel like vomiting. May be some unlikely smell can trigger it or simply you vomit. You can’t escape from it as 80 percent of women experience it in the first trimester.

Smelling lemon and drinking lots of water help you ease the vomiting tendencies.

  1. Increased or decreased sexual drive

The inflow of hormones during pregnancy can cause increased or decreased sexual drive during pregnancy.

The confusions and fear may lower your libido while the hormonal actions increase your sexual desire. Communicate it properly with your partner and deal with it in your way.

  1. Grooming your private parts

Just keep the genitals and adjacent parts clean. You may not be able to remove the hair or do the regular waxing during pregnancy. But, no problem! Just stick to your hygiene.



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