Karishma Kapoor’s Secrets To An Ever-Fit Body

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1. Karishma Kapoor practices Yoga regularly
2. She once in a while go on a detox diet and it is only for a day
3. Despite being a mother of two and in her forty, Karishma follows a healthy diet

Karishma Kapoor, who hit forty recently, has been a wonder-woman always. The naturally slim actress maintains her fitness despite her age or work schedule and has been an inspiration for women of all generation.

Karishma entered the reel world at the tender age of sixteen years and she still looks the same. She is a mother of two kids and yet manages to remain slim amidst the busy schedules.

She regularly practices Yoga which is the secret behind her ever glowing beauty. According to media reports, Karishma is not a gym-going fitness freak, but she indulges in Yoga and walking to maintain the physique. Still, she works out 3 to 4 times a week under the supervision of a personal instructor.

Reports claim that Karishma is a foodie and always love to have traditional and processed food. But, yet she strictly stays with her diet and which again can be seen in her charming skin tone even at this age.

Karishma eats about 6 to 7 meals per day and always stay away from snacks like chips. Once in a while, she goes on a detox diet but only for a day. She has an opinion that the body needs some amount of energy to sustain and living on a detox diet for long will not do good to your body.

Staying healthy always needs extra effort. It is not about being slim, but being fit and having the right nutrition. Now, take your cue from the ever beautiful Karishma Kapoor and start a healthy life.



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