Kim Kardashian’s New Hair Statement With Silver Blonde Hair Color

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  1. Kim Kardashian West awes the fashionistas with a silver blonde hair color
  2. Some even thought that it was a wig
  3. Some days back, Kardashian West shared that she spent 17 hours for that hair color

Impressing the whole fashion fraternity and her fans, Kim Kardashian, famed for being famous, again drew the media attention through a silver blonde hair color in her recent appearances. While the entire spectators awed for that Targaryen-inspired silver blonde hair color, all looked for whether it was a wig she wore.


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Inspiring millions to have a fashion statement of their own and also revealing the pain behind it, Kardashian West shared that it was real hair color. She added that she even spent 17 hours on that attractive hair. Reports claimed that she would appear with the new hair style for the New York Fashion Week.

Versace at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party

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As per the online updates, Kardashian West shared her hair color story in her mobile app. She waited for 12 hours at a stretch and another 5- hour session for that awe-struck hair color and no wonder it became the talk of the town.

Kardashian West had a few times lured the spectators by real-looking wigs, but this time the story was different. Nothing comes without pain, and the latest appealing hair of Kim Kardashian is a proof for it.

Tom Ford

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Dyeing the hair is always a time-consuming task, and for celebrities, it ends with easy-tips. But, here Kardashian West spent long hours to get it. And it takes the effort to maintain and care it properly.

Hair care needs much attention and effort range from selecting the perfect product to using it timely and consistently.

Vivienne Westwood

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Kim Kardashian West is an American Celebrity and highest-paid reality television personality in 2015. She with her husband rapper Kanye West is expecting their third child through surrogacy, as per media reports.

To all those ladies who wish for that versatile hair colors and styles, take lessons and go on with the effort. Here is your inspiration from Kardashian West.



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