Lady Gaga Is Recovering from Fibromyalgia Through Pilates And Yoga

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1. Lady gaga, suffering from Fibromyalgia, practices Yoga combined with Pilates
2. She also practices meditation to have inner peace and get back to life
3. She had earlier released a documentary depicting the life with an illness that cause severe body pain

Popular as Lady Gaga, the American Songwriter, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, had earlier shared about her bad health condition, Fibromyalgia. She had been struggling with Fibromyalgia that causes severe muscle and joint pain.

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She has recently shared a photo on Instagram of doing Yoga combined with Pilates and she is recovering in a great way from diseases. Due to severe body pain, Lady Gaga had canceled her shows last month. Though she has been present in public events including charity programs and games since the announcement, she is yet to restart the performances for the public.

She had also released an online documentary which depicted her journey through the illness and the treatments she received. It also showcased her journey to fame and how it affected her life.

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Lady Gaga had also revealed her addiction to drugs, which paved the way for severe criticism across the world.
She promotes Yoga and meditation for health. She is an inspiration for her millions of fans to get back in life and begin a new journey.



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