Life Lessons From Actress Gautami

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1. Gautami recovered from breast cancer after lumpectomy and chemo and radiotherapy sessions
2. She practices Yoga and sometimes hits the gym
3. She follows strict diet with a No to gluten and dairy
4. She shares her cancer experience

When you hear the name Gautami, what appears in your mind is the picture of a slim girl, draped in a saree, but well figured in her own style and attitude.

Gautami has been an inspiring actress since the beginning of her career. Presently, she inspires thousands of men and women to follow a healthy lifestyle.

She is a cancer survivor. She always shares the experience she had gone through. In her own words that she said in an interview, “all your family members can only support you; you alone have to go through it.” Gautami was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent lumpectomy and sessions of chemo and radiotherapy as a part of the treatment.

Earlier, after her pregnancy, she had touched around 90kg and struggled hard to get back to normal weight. According to media reports, it was through Yoga and fitness training classes of Jane Fonda she got back to normal weight without any injuries.

She has been practicing Yoga since her recovery and follows a gluten and dairy free diet. ‘Life Again’, is a foundation she has begun, which helps the poorer who are suffering from chronic illnesses and poverty. It also stands for cancer awareness as well. Recently she took part in ‘mammorun’ at Trichy, conducted by a non-profit organization as a part of breast cancer awareness.

After a long journey through ups and downs be it in her health or relationship, Gautami is back to the reel world and her fans look forward to an amazing second innings from the ever-gorgeous actress. As a parent of two girls, she again stands different, teaching them to be independent and opinionative.



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