Lisa Haydon Shares Adorable Picture of Herself with Her 5-Month-Old Son

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1. Lisa Haydon shares a picture of a swimming session with her 5-month-old son
2. She had also shared a picture of breastfeeding her son to create awareness
3. She enjoys her modeling career as well as motherhood to the fullest

Bollywood actor Lisa Haydon has shared a picture of her first swimming session with her baby boy Zack on Instagram. Lisa gave birth to the baby in May 2017 and he is five months old. Her baby started lying on tummy and even tries swimming on the floor.

First swim lesson … in Greatest discovery- portable/inflatable Labi Baby pool 💦🌊 #5months

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Introducing the baby to swimming or tub bath is good at this time and being so innocent they never know fear. Some babies even start swimming in water at this age.

Lisa Haydon regularly shares pictures of her baby on social media. Recently she shared a picture of her first flight with the baby and she expressed happiness that it all went well.

Weekend vibe💤

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Managing the career along with a little one is definitely not an easy task and Haydon has been taking an extra effort to stay as a responsible mother. She had shared a picture of herself breastfeeding her baby for the last World Breastfeeding Awareness Week.

“Breastfeeding has played such a big part in getting back into shape after giving birth to my baby,” she shared.



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