Madhuri Dixit’s Fitness Secret: Dance Combined With Exercise

Medbuzztoday Editorial Team | November 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Madhuri Dixit finds a place in everyone’s heart, right from the start of her career and since her comeback after a long interval. Be it the present generation of teenagers or the women of her age, Madhuri is always a queen when it comes to dancing and acting.

When she took a break from the acting career for her family with two children, she still remained fit and fabulous, thanks to dancing practice that she loves. When she came back to the limelight, she also introduced a fitness style that combines dance with exercise.

Sometimes you just have to rock the scene. Loving’ it!!

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She promotes her ‘dancercise’ in which various dance movements are modified for fitness training.

Madhuri also knows a secret to happiness. She had shared a picture of gliding with her son with caption ‘if happiness is a goal, then adventure is a priority.’ This reveals how much she loves to be adventurous and it definitely keeps her young and pretty.



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