Maintaining Fitness In the 20s: Know More From Tiger Shroff

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1. Tiger Shroff, at the age of 27, maintains a perfect body
2. He works out regularly
3. He is an ardent fan of Bruce Lee and a black belt in Taekwondo
4. Tiger Shroff helped Amir Khan in building his body for Dhoom 3

To set an example, to make others follow you because with pure talent, is not achievable for everyone. Hard work is the only recipe for it and some really work hard.

Tiger Shroff is such an actor who achieved the appreciation and love of fans across the country. You will be awestruck to realize that, this man, who is super excellent in Martial arts, is just 27 years old. With a black belt in Japanese martial arts Taekwondo, Tiger Shroff has been performing super stunt scenes for films.

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According to media reports, Shroff guided actor and director Amir Khan in building his physique for Dhoom 3.
As per the reports, Shroff admires Bruce Lee and try to build a physique like him. He also practices gymnastics.
Being a non-vegetarian, he includes all type of food in his diet with 5 meals or snacks per day. It is enriched with protein and green veggies as well.

When it comes to work-out, Shroff dedicates each day for each body part. It comes like Back, chest, arms, legs, shoulders, and abs.

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Despite his age and celebrity status, Tiger Shroff says a strict No to smoking and drinking which helps him maintain his healthy lifestyle.

So, all those ladies and gentlemen who wait for your 40s to begin working out, don’t waste time, start right now and you will see wonders.



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