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Vishnuprasad K P | January 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

Editor’s Letter aims to inspire people to live an active life and stay healthy. Recently, for our celebrity health and women’s health segments, we met Meera Vasudevan and her family. (Meera has acted in more than 25 movies in different languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam). They are a wonderful family and we are really lucky to have them in our very first celebrity interview.

Meera is fit and fabulous. She impressed us with her positive thoughts – especially with her message to body shammers and negative people in the society (See the first part of the interview). We had a really nice session with her parents – Vasudevan and Hemalatha – who told us about Meera’s childhood. Ariha, her three-year-old son, is our hero, and he has stolen our hearts with his cuteness, and we hope he is also going to do the same with all of you out there. (Watch the second part of the interview, in which Meera introduces her family to us. This part will be released soon).

We hope to inspire you with this interview. You can take Meera as a role model to lead a healthy life. Still, Meera is well aware of the fact that she is not the fittest person in the world and Medbuzztoday has with it a list of lady fitness icons. So let’s not focus on women with toned abs and biceps here. Meera’s message is simple. She says with a 45-minute workout routine, you can stay healthy. She has lost more than 70 pounds since giving birth to her son in 2014. Her workout routine is enough for you to stay away from lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, etc. So be active like Meera and stay healthy.

We wish all the very best to Meera Vasudevan for her future projects.

And, we thank all our subscribers for watching this interview. Next month, we will come back with a new celebrity interview.




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