Myths And Facts about Hair Care In Pregnancy

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  1. Washing hair during pregnancy does not harm the baby
  2. Cutting hair during pregnancy elevates the self-confidence of the mother-to-be
  3. Hair coloring may expose you to chemicals that may harm.
  4. Use natural dyes for hair color during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time you get confused about doing anything. Some strictly restrict you from doing certain things. It is quite difficult to sort out the good, bad and the ugly of the things.

Hair care is one such factor that puts you in a dilemma during the pregnancy. Many suggest not doing anything on your hair during pregnancy while many say no danger in it. So, what are the myths and facts associated with hair care?

Can I wash my hair if I am pregnant?

Of course, you can. There are superstitions that washing hair before the seventh month of pregnancy may wash away the good fortune yet to come for the baby. But all those are myths and if you need to wash your hair, it should be done.

It is a part of personal hygiene and restraining from washing your hair for so long may invite unwanted health risks.

Can I cut my hair if I am pregnant?

You can’t cut your hair during pregnancy is again another myth that gets propagated. No scientific evidence supports this stand of prohibiting a haircut during pregnancy.

In fact, a nice hair cut during pregnancy increase the self-confidence of the mother-to-be. It gives a proper conditioning of the hair along with all the pregnancy glows. Since cutting hair is not an invasive procedure, it cannot harm you or your baby inside.

Is it okay to color my hair if I am pregnant?

When it comes to color the hair, it is advised to stay out of chemicals. In case you have to do it as a part of your profession or similar things, stick to herbal color dyes. Chemicals used in hair colors may get absorbed by the scalp and then cause some effect. So, in order to avoid such risks, it is recommended to avoid hair colors using chemicals.

Meanwhile, a pregnant woman can use the regular shampoos, hair conditioners, and all other hair care products which are normal. In case of any confusion, it is better to consult a dermatologist and know whether the particular product you use for hair is out of danger or not.



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