Relationship Tips from Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber

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1. Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber married in January 2009
2. Despite the busy schedule, they make it a priority to spend enough time together
3. Sunny Leone was seen sharing moments with Daniel like a child
4. The couple has adopted a baby recently

Keeping a relationship alive is not an easy task. It demands sincerity, dedication, and care for each other. Being a celebrity, it becomes more difficult to manage your relationship in the busy schedules.

Here is everyone’s favorite Sunny Leone, who plays around her husband Daniel Weber like a child. Despite their busy schedule, they are spending enough time for themselves, keeping alive the love and care between them.

The couple recently adopted a girl named Nisha. The couple who met in Los Angeles years back got married in January 2009. Apart from being the life partner, her husband Daniel also manages her upcoming movie dates and scripts.

To keep up a healthy relation, it is important to be supportive. Behind every success, there will be a pillar of support and inspiration.

Sunny Leone has said in various online and television interviews that her husband understands her and supports her.




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