Safe Pregnancy After A Miscarriage: Basic Tips

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  1. Miscarriage is a natural process and it happens within 20 weeks of pregnancy
  2. Repeated miscarriage need proper consultation with a doctor
  3. If the couple are mentally and physically ready, they can try to get conceived any time after the miscarriage
  4. It is recommended to avoid sex within two weeks of miscarriage to avoid infections

For everyone, a lost child, a miscarriage is always a worst expected destructor of lifelong dreams. Yet, they try to forget it and prepare themselves for another. But, it is always a most asked question when is the safe interval to get pregnant again after a miscarriage?

Studies have shown that trying to conceive even within six months after a miscarriage did not pose any threat for having a healthy child. But, all that matters here is the emotional healing of the couple after a miscarriage.

According to a study published in 2016, among the couples who conceived within three months after a miscarriage, about 77 percent had healthy babies while among those who waited for a while to have a baby, only 23 percent gave birth to healthy babies.

Though the study did not contain a majority of the population, it indicates that trying to conceive soon after a miscarriage does not possess any health risks unless the mother suffers from any medical condition.

Experts say that miscarriage usually is a one-time occurrence and most of the women go on to have one, two or even five kids despite the first miscarriage. As per statistics, around one percent of women ought to have two or more miscarriages.

Normally, a miscarriage occurs within 20 weeks of pregnancy, and it happens due to some issues with the growth of the baby or any chromosomal issues. So, it is a natural way of the body to get rid of an unhealthy pregnancy. But, if the miscarriages repeat, it is always recommended to get the expert opinion from a doctor and evaluate the reason behind it.

Before attempting another pregnancy, it is better to conduct a few tests that hint you of the reason for the miscarriage. A blood test may give an analysis of hormone imbalances or issues with the immune system. Ultra sound scanning and similar such screening methods can also be used to find out any uterine problem that caused the miscarriage.

According to Gynecologists, sexual intercourse is not recommended within two weeks after a miscarriage as it may cause infection. The menstrual cycle of the woman will return within six weeks after a miscarriage, and it is safe to try after getting the periods.

A miscarriage causes a stream of emotions in the couple’s mind. They may feel guilt or sadness. So, in order to cope up their mind for a future pregnancy, it is important that they overcome it. Fear of losing again may also affect the mental health of both the husband and wife. Hence such fears need to be addressed to pave the way for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

If you are pregnant again after a miscarriage, then,

  1. Seek help from your doctor and his team for proper monitoring of your pregnancy through out
  2. Indulge in group discussions or counseling to cope up with emotions of the past
  3. Avoid preparing early for the child. Postpone the baby shower ceremony to a time after the child arrives
  4. Get help from the family and friends to stay positive



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