Safe Ways To Remove Hair During Pregnancy

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  1. Thermolysis is harmless during pregnancy
  2. Galvanic electrolysis, passing electric current through body for hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy
  3. Traditional methods like threading, waxing can also be done
  4. Unwanted hair growth during pregnancy usually disappear post-delivery

Women usually get confused on things that can be done and cannot be done during pregnancy. While many just clarify it with the doctor, many may surround themselves with different opinions. Hair removal is one such procedure that needs to be thought twice before doing when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy is certainly not an illness, and you are supposed to lead a normal life in your pregnancy. But all you have to do is to take a little extra care as you carry a living being inside. Your future, your hope, dreams, and everything that the couple waited for, has been growing inside. So, to protect the little one and the mother-to-be, it is always better to stay out of unwanted risks.

Several techniques are available these days for hair removal. But, before thinking about removing the unwanted hair, you should also consider the fact that hormonal action during pregnancy can cause unwanted hair growth. Hair may appear in places it was absent before pregnancy. But, such hair growths during pregnancy always disappear within six months after the child birth.

However, in order to be confident in your looks and sometimes as the career demands, some pregnant women have to remove the body hair. In such situation, it is a question that whether Electrolysis could be done? Rather, which technique is risk-free for hair removal during pregnancy?

According to expert opinion, Thermolysis (a type of electrolysis) is harmless and pregnant women can do it. Thermolysis applies to sound waves and hence found to be unharmful. But the Galvanic electrolysis, which uses real electric current though in small quantity, is least recommended for pregnant women.

Even though studies substantiate its harmful effects were little, the passage of electric current through the body when you are pregnant may have some health impacts. Amniotic fluid can act as a conductor of electric current, and it is better to avoid galvanic electrolysis for hair removal during pregnancy. It is also recommended to avoid any kind of electrolysis during your third trimester as the skin gets stretched and tender.

Meanwhile, dermatologists recommend shaving as the most secure way of hair removal during pregnancy. You can do the shaving in the comfort of your home and avoid major health risks.

Hot or cold waxing

Your skin will be very sensitive during pregnancy as the blood circulation increases. So, waxing which applies the hot wax or cold cream and pulls out the hair using cloth may be painful along with chances of allergic reactions. Apart from the above-said issues, waxing is safe and can be opted if the pregnant woman is comfortable.

Similarly, threading, tweezing, etc., the traditional ways of hair removal can be adopted during pregnancy. Since they do not harm the baby inside, it is more recommended than some of the latest techniques.



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