Shakira Cancels Show in Germany Due To Vocal Cord Strain

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1. Shakira cancels show in Germany due to voice cord issue
2. She has been practicing continuously for her world tour
3. She is expected to perform in Paris on November 10, if she is ok with her voice

Singer Shakira canceled her show in Germany, scheduled for November 8, 2017.

According to her Instagram post, she had overstrained her vocal cords due to which her doctor recommended her to go on vocal rest. Vocal cord issues are very common among singers.

Shakira has been into continuous practice for her El Dorado World Tour and was ready to perform in Germany. The continuous practice has put pressure on her vocals and a good rest is needed to get it back in better condition.

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Also, too much of vocal rest may leave the vocal issue unattended. So, a few days of vocal rest is good enough. It is essential for singers to take vocal rest, especially if they have undergone surgery or vocal injuries.

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In addition, you can also do the vocal rest in between. When you practice hard for three days, take a day off in between in order to avoid vocal cord issues. To keep your voice in good condition, you should also stay away from smoking and drinking.

Shakira is expected to resume her world tour from Paris on November 10, if the voice rest helps.



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