Simple Ways to Reduce Fat from Your Diet

Amala Muralidharan | August 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

Fats add flavor and smooth texture to foods but it is considered to be a dietary evil. Saturated fats and unsaturated fats contain different fatty acids which affect the body in many ways. While fat is needed to provide enough calorie thereby maintain the right weight, too much of it does the opposite.

In order to stay healthy and maintain a normal weight, it is advisable to cut some food with extra calories while keeping some foods which provide the required calories.

Read on to know the limitations of fat intake and which all can be chucked out of your diet.

1. Limit meat consumption to 85-115g because they contain fat. Avoid red meat.

2. Remove the poultry skin before eating and cooking, it contains an extra layer of fats and oil.

3. Broil, bake, grill or roast meat, fish and poultry. Use a roasting rack to drain off the fat as the meat is cooked.

4. Cook stews and soups in advance. Then chill and skim off the fat layer and reheat it for use.

5. Avoid fried foods. Saute the foods in a nonstick pan using broth, tomato, fruit juice instead of oil.

6. Use low fat or fat-free substitute for mayonnaise.

7. Cook rice in a fat-free broth; flavor it with chopped fresh herbs and scallions instead of butter.

8. Toss salad with fat-free dressings or make your own with lemon juice or vinegar, mustard, herbs, and spices. Use olive oil instead of the regular oils.

9. Mash potatoes with low-fat curd or buttermilk.

10. Relish on broth based soups instead of cream based soups.

11. Make coffee, tea or cappuccino with low fat or skimmed milk.

12. Use buttermilk instead of mayonnaise or sour cream because buttermilk contains fat as low as 1% milk.

13. Eliminate use of nondairy creamers and toppings, these products are usually high in saturated fat because they are made with palm oil or coconut oil.

14. Always buy low fat or skimmed milk, low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt.

15. When you eat food measure oil you see in it. This would make you just eyeball it and avoid the oily food.

16. Try the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids present in vegetable oil, nuts, seeds for your fat requirements.



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