Skin Lightening Products: Are They Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

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  1. Some pregnant women may experience acne outbreak during pregnancy
  2. Skin lightening creams or other products are used to deal with it
  3. Hydroquinone has been considered as a harmful product to use during pregnancy
  4. Other chemicals are absorbed only in a minimal quantity by the skin

Skin lightening products are the bleaching creams used mostly on freckles, acne, scars, and discoloration of the skin. Besides the pregnancy changes and radiance on the skin, there may have some skin problems including acne during pregnancy.

So, to treat such issues, some women may depend on skin lightening creams. Along with it, some may use it on a regular basis, and they may be in a dilemma whether to continue using such bleaching creams in pregnancy.

According to dermatologists, skin lightening creams may contain some harmful substances. Some ingredients can cause allergies or other reactions in your body, and it is best to avoid such issues during pregnancy.

What are those harmful ingredients that may be present in skin lightening creams?

  1. Hydroquinone

It is a topical de-pigmenting agent used in skin lightening products. Studies claim that around 35 to 45 percent of hydroquinone would be absorbed by the skin when applied externally. Though any adverse effect of this chemical has not been found out yet, due to higher absorption rate, experts recommend avoiding it during pregnancy.

  1. Mercury

Some skin lightening creams use Mercury salts to prevent the formation of melanin and increase the skin tone. It may cause skin rashes and even affect the skin’s resistance to bacterial and fungal infections.

Apart from above-said ingredients, steroid creams and topical retinoid should be avoided during pregnancy. Other ingredients like Glycolic acid or hydrogen peroxide are absorbed in a very minimum quantity by the skin, and they won’t be applied in large quantity in a way to affect the pregnancy.



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