Tips To Travel Safe During Pregnancy

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  1. Traveling during pregnancy is safe to an extent
  2. Restrain from traveling during pregnancy if the doctor recommends it
  3. Keep a copy of all medical records while traveling
  4. Avoid eating unhygienic food or water
  5. Ensure proper vaccinations during pregnancy
  6. Ensure you notify with your immediate relatives while on a journey

In the old days, pregnant women were confined to their home during the nine months and the days after delivery. But, in the twenty-first century, many women give equal importance to family and career, so they travel as part of their work or other demands. Let’s see here the risks related to traveling while you are pregnant?

  1. Blood clots

Travelling long distances usually poses chances of blood clots. And the chances increase when you are pregnant. In order to avoid serious risks, avoid sitting for a long time. Drink plenty of water.

  1. Diarrhea

Diarrhea or Travellers’ Diarrhea is often a possible risk. When you travel out of the country, you may not be comfortable with the climate, water or food there and it may cause diarrhea. It is very common and can be avoided by taking care of the food and water you consume.

  1. Seasonal outbreaks

While traveling, you may expose to seasonal outbreaks at the destination. Always take precaution by having immunizations.

As far as traveling during pregnancy is considered there are no much life-threatening risks unless you have any complications. For a normal pregnancy, the second trimester is the best time to travel. In the first trimester, you will have to deal with nausea and vomiting. Traveling during the third trimester is risky as you approach the due date.

Traveling on two or three wheelers during pregnancy is not good for the health of the mother and baby. Hence restrain yourself from it. By traveling on a bike when you are pregnant, you may be taking unwanted risks as there are chances of falling from the bike or bike traps in a gutter on the road are higher.  If you are traveling by bus, make sure you sit in a comfortable posture. Avoid standing in a moving bus.

  1. If you are traveling by flight, check with your flight service provider on their restrictions for pregnant women. When you use the toilet, hold onto the rail or something that balances you.
  2. If you are traveling by ship or cruise, get medication for seasickness. Make sure that the ship has a health care provider.
  3. If you are traveling by car, ensure that you take enough breaks for urination and also to have a walk.

Long distance traveling or international journey during pregnancy may need a little more planning. First of all, talk to your doctor and confirm that traveling is okay for you. Understand about the medical facilities at your destination. Keep a copy of all your prenatal medical records with you while traveling. Consult your doctor about taking any medications like the tablet for motion sickness. Some may not be good for pregnant women.

Meanwhile restrain yourself from sports activities or adventure activities like mountain climbing, water skiing, and scuba diving during pregnancy. If you are traveling in the intense summer, ensure that you remain hydrated and protected from UV rays.

Taking a ‘baby-moon’ during pregnancy has been a trend these days, and many even combine a photo-shoot with it making memories of a beautiful phase in their life. Adhere to all safety precautions advised by the service providers in tourist destinations and your traveling company in order to avoid risks. Always carry the emergency number to contact in case of unlikely events.



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