Ways To Get A Pregnancy Makeover

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  1. Many women get worried about their body during pregnancy
  2. Through selected wardrobe, it can be carried beautifully
  3. Nails and hair usually remain in condition during pregnancy
  4. Enhance the physical fitness through daily workouts during pregnancy

A woman’s body goes through numerous changes during the pregnancy. Of course, the growing belly and associated physical changes raise a beauty consciousness in most of the women. Many may get depressed that the large figure of herself may seem to be ugly. The glowing skin or radiance during pregnancy may not add to the appeal as expected.

So, a makeover helps you look better and regain the confidence in your looks despite pregnancy. It is a known fact that the pregnancy actually enhances the hair and nail condition in most of the women. There can be odds in it as hormonal fluctuations are different in each individual. But, this good condition of hair and nails can be used during the pregnancy terms. Get a manicure and pedicure. Paint your nails beautifully and enhance your style quotient.

Here are some simple tips to have a makeover during your maternity:

  1. Reinvent your wardrobe

Many of the suiting dress materials have been small for you as the pregnancy progresses. Buy some maternity wear and mix it up with your wardrobe. Reinvent your dresses for comfort wear and make your style.

  1. Get a hair cut

To stay away from all those thoughts about body image and beauty, get a new hair style and experiment with it during your pregnancy. A good hair cut increases your confidence and looks.

  1. Improve your complexion

The pregnancy may affect your skin with dark patches or oily than before. Find a nice face pack for your skin and spent some time soothing yourself. Do the face pack at home or a spa.

  1. Show-off the grace in your eyes

The happiness of being pregnant can be seen in your eyes. Show it off with a little of kajal or eye pencil. Just outline over your eyelashes and enhance the beauty of your eyes.

  1. Enhance your lip-beauty

When your face glows with the pregnancy, it needs a little make over to enhance it. So, get some nice colors to make your lips look good.

  1. Visit a spa or salon

Fix an appointment in nearest spa or salon and treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. It helps feel and look good. A massage after the cleaning of your feet and palms makes it better.

  1. Color your nails

As indicated above, nails usually would be in good condition during pregnancy in many women. It may not brittle soon. So, color it accordingly.

  1. Highlight your style with accessories

Whatever you wear during pregnancy, enhance it up with little and cute accessories. Grasp a pair of earrings or a trendy necklace and wear it proudly.

  1. Follow a workout routine

Practicing Yoga or other workouts help you maintain a healthy body. Daily exercise nourishes your skin and ensures blood circulation all over the body especially during pregnancy. Hence, it ensures the total health of the mother and the baby during pregnancy.

  1. Explore online maternity stores

Plenty of maternal clothes are available these days that can be selected online or get it directly from retail shops. Buy some according to your likes and dislikes.

  1. Stay Positive

Never ever feel bad about your body and the changes during pregnancy as it can be brought back to normal after delivery. Fill in your mind with positive and happy thoughts about the baby to be born, and the beauty comes within.

  1. Pose for photos

Take photos of your pregnancy journey and keep it as a memoir. Years after, it can be a truly fun to look back on those days.

  1. Use sunscreen

Your skin will be sensitive to UV rays during pregnancy, so always wear a sunscreen. Apply it half an hour before you go out and reapply later if necessary.

  1. Avoid chemicals

When you use cosmetic products, try to use natural products than those with chemicals. Get advice from experts or friends on such products.

  1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Nothing can compensate the benefits of fruits and vegetables. So, it eat sufficiently for healthy skin.

  1. Try traditional

In the meanwhile, when you experiment with different dresses, you can also try out the traditional wears like a Kerala Saree, the traditional wear of people in Kerala, South Indian state of India.

Carry yourself with pride despite pregnancy or anything else. Believe in yourself and the beauty you carry inside.



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