What Causes Cramps Without Menstrual Bleeding? Know More

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  1. Cramps without menstrual bleeding can occur due to several reasons including pregnancy
  2. It may also occur due to ovarian cancer
  3. Presence of other symptoms may help diagnose the health problems if any
  4. Stress, constipation or excess gas can also cause cramps

A woman experience cramps usually when she gets the monthly menstrual cycle. It can be mild to severe and differ from individual to individual based on age, health condition, and other factors. But, what if she gets only cramps without period bleeding?

There are several factors including pregnancy that cause cramps without periods. Usually, a woman can differentiate those uterine contractions that occur during periods from abnormal cramps. Many get positive results for pregnancy test after the period date but feel cramps during those days.

“We were trying to conceive for about eight months, and I didn’t get my periods in the ninth month. But as the date got nearer I felt mild cramps and thought that the period is here. Though cramps remained for two more days, I didn’t get the periods. When I had a pregnancy test at home, it showed positive,” shares Jewel, who is a mother to a three-year-old baby girl and residing in the USA presently.

Yes, cramps without periods can be a sign of pregnancy. But, it can also be a symptom of other health issues including cancer. What are those health concerns that cause cramps without monthly bleeding?

  1. Pregnancy

According to Gynecologists, if a woman who plans for pregnancy experiences cramps around the period date and menstruation did not happen, it can be pregnancy. The fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tube and attaches to the uterine wall. The process is called implantation, and it may cause either spotting (light bleeding) or cramps in some women. It is not necessary that every woman experience any of it. Some may not show any symptoms during implantation.

  1. Menopause

Once you attain that age around menopause, normally by 50 years old, the cramps around your due date without periods can be a sign of menopause. If a woman between 45 to 55 years of age continues without menstrual cycle throughout a year, it is clinically menopause.

  1. Delayed period

A delayed period due to several reasons can also cause cramping. It can be a change in the climate, food or any other reasons that delay your periods. The woman may experience cramps as the due date gets nearer, but the bleeding may appear after one or two weeks later.

  1. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It is the prolonged inflammation of the digestive tract. The disease may cause mild to severe cramps or stomach pain. It is caused by problems with the immune system or genetic issues.

  1. Ovarian cysts

They are fluid-filled sacs that form on the woman’s ovary. It may release an egg during the menstrual cycle and get dissolved with the body. But some large cysts may cause harm to the body to the extent of internal bleeding. Hence a large cyst or other types of the cyst may need surgery to remove it. A follicular cyst occurs when it fails to release the egg.

  1. Ovarian cancer

Another reason for the cramps is ovarian cancer. Ovary produces the egg and cancer in it may cause mild cramps that are often neglected. It may not disappear despite the menstrual due dates. Ovarian cancer may make your belly grow and also cause frequent urination. Due to similar symptoms as in pregnancy, many just neglect the chances of ovarian cancer.

  1. Appendicitis

The appendix is a part of the large intestine and its swelling cause cramps. The cramps begin near the belly button and get severe at the right side of the stomach.

  1. Interstitial Cystitis

It is a long-term condition in which the person feels frequent urge to urinate. Due to the cysts, the signals to urinate get mixed up and the person has the feeling of full bladder frequently. It is mostly seen in women and affects the quality of life. The disease also causes bladder pressure, bladder pain, and pelvic pain. Cramps can also be a symptom of this disease.

  1. Miscarriage

If you were expecting and get severe cramps as the monthly period cycle gets nearer, it can be a miscarriage and usually occurs before the 20th week. In most of the women, it causes bleeding or spotting along with cramps.

Besides the above-said concerns, cramps without monthly bleeding can occur when the woman experiences stress, constipation or excess gas formation in the body. It is important to understand other symptoms if any with the cramps to identify the health issue.



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