What Does the Menstrual Blood Color Say About Your Health?

Amala Muralidharan | July 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

Periods come every month with cramping and stay for seven days on an average. If you miss your periods, it’s a sign that you’re pregnant, but there is something which goes unnoticed too.  Ever wondered about the blood color during your periods, which says a lot about the woman’s health!

If the menstrual blood is:

  1. Bright Red

It is a new blood which is released into the uterus. It can be seen at the beginning of the period cycle.

  1. Dark Red

This is the old blood which has been stored in the uterus for a longer time and took more time to break down. Women notice this color change in the mornings when they wake up.

  1. Brown or Black

This is the oldest blood and is very normal. This color is noticed by the end of periods or in the spotting on the first day. It is not a heavy bleeding.

  1. Orange

If the blood has a bad odor and is of orange color, then it is a sign of an infection. Consult for a doctor’s opinion.

A light flow of blood is a sign of stress, low nutrition level, hormonal imbalance and thyroid problems.

Heavy bleeding can be an indication of anemia. It also leads to a fertility-threatening fibroid, tumors in the cervix or uterus, or endometriosis. Such conditions are seen in women above 35 years of age.

But if these menstrual cycles have prolonged changes like frequent and heavy periods, bad odor, irregular dates, short periods, severe pains, you must take a doctor’s advice.



Author : (Amala Muralidharan)

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