Wondering Which Hairstyle Would Suit Your Profession? Read this

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  1. A woman’s profession, place of stay and time spent can help determine the most suitable hairstyle
  2. It is a misconception that short hair is easy to maintain
  3. Use products that are meant for the hairstyle that you wish to have
  4. If you are residing in a place where the climate is hot and humid, keep serum at bay

Ladies, how often have you heard grandma dearest ‘cursing’ for trimming your hair or styling it differently? Let’s face it. For decades, many people believed that long, thick and black hair is the ultimate trait of an Indian ‘Beauty Queen.’ Hence, it is natural that our parents and grandparents disapprove our decisions regarding the latest hairstyles. Then again, the reasons behind these new looks vary from person to person. To women, especially those who are compelled to travel officially,

Short hair is said to be the best option due to the following:

  1. It is easy to maintain
  2. It is easy to dry
  3. One does not look shabby
  4. One does not need to spend several hours before the mirror while rushing to work
  5. There are fewer unpleasant instances of lice, ticks, etc.

Factors that determine hairstyles for the working woman

Working women should consider a few aspects before requesting the stylist to give them a ‘makeover.’

These include:

  1. Profession that the woman pursues
  2. Weather of the place where she resides
  3. Frequency of her visits to the saloon

Work does matter

This might seem trivial. But a lady’s job profile does determine the look she ought to portray in public. For instance, if you are an army cadet, if you are a professional mountaineer, it might be wiser to sport a young yet athletic appearance. This would require you to have shorter and easy-to-manage hair. On the other hand, if you are an Indian classical dancer, long hair is an essential aspect of the costume that is adorned by the artist.

The hairstyle of the season

The weather has a major role in determining a woman’s hairstyle. While many of us are envious women with long locks, that are as smooth as silk, we fail to see the difficulties they might face during the sultry summers of India’s southern coasts. The water conditions also have an impact on one’s hairdo. People who are used to washing their hair with soft water, often face issues such as baldness or thinner hair upon washing it with hard water.

Short hair and its basic rules

If you believe that short hair is easy to maintain, think again. Hair always grows back. When it does, you are bound to look shabby again.

Maintaining one’s hair involves some of the following activities:

  1. Oil massages
  2. Shampoo wash
  3. Hot towel treatment
  4. Regular visits to the saloon

A visit to the saloon not only implies that your hair would be chopped off by a ‘lady barber.’ Instead, you would be able to seek the advice of expert hairstylists on the style that would suit you the best. Most often, these suggestions are provided upon assessing a person hair texture and professional requirements.

Options for the best hair

Popular hair stylist Sinin suggests the following ways by which one could assure themselves of a good- hair-day every day:

  1. Use products that are meant for the hairstyle that you wish to have. For instance, if your hair is frizzy, you could use a frizz control conditioner.
  2. Consult your hairstylist and see which hair products can be combined to make your hair look lively. Eg: You could use a shampoo for your colored hair and a frizz-control conditioner if your hair is frizzy.
  3. Use hair serum or live-in condition to make your hair to add a dash of moisture to your hair. However, if you are residing in a place where the climate is hot and humid, keep serum at bay.
  4. You could even use a ‘dry shampoo’ that helps to get rid of the excess oil on your hair. This can be applied externally, even after bathing or while you are rushing to work.

Here’s wishing all women many more good-hair-days ahead!



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