Working Out Immediately After Your Child’s Birth is Unwise

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  1. Exercise routines, post child-birth, vary depending upon the type of the delivery performed
  2. Exercise routines should make the woman mentally strong as well
  3. Women should rest for a period of about 40-days after their delivery, but should refrain from being inactive.
  4. The exercise routines should be practiced only after consulting a doctor.

A woman undergoes many hormonal and physical changes during the gestation period. Post the delivery of her child, she is likely to experience high levels of exhaustion, fatigue and pain. As a result, her activities are often monitored or restricted. She is also likely to gain a few pounds due to the hormonal changes as well. Thus, it is during times like these that one wonders whether a woman could burn those extra calories by means of a strict work-out regime, or not.

Exercises post the delivery

We have often heard of women being advised to squat while sweeping or mopping the floors in the initial stages of her pregnancy to ease their labor pain. But, did you know that exercise routines play a crucial role post a child’s birth as well?

Doctors recommend that mothers could practice a few simple yet effective stretches post the delivery of their child. The routine, however, varies depending upon the type of the delivery performed, i.e.Natural or C-section.

It must be remembered that these exercises should be performed under the supervision of the expert. The drills include gradual movements that could help strengthen certain various parts of the body. While doing the exercises, some women are likely to experience some pain around the stretch marks caused during the delivery.

One must also realize that the workout should make the woman mentally stronger by the day. Meditation, Yoga and other alternatives ought to be part of the routine.

The dos and don’ts

Your soul might be young, but your body is worn out. Hence, it is wise for women to abide by the norms mentioned below to be healthier and wiser, post the pregnancy:

1. Keep a tab of your test results, especially the BMI. This will enable the fitness instructor or the doctor to help you in an effective manner.

2. Consult your physician before commencing your workout routine. Women are bound to experience a few health issues post-delivery including Low or High Blood Pressure, diabetes etc.

3. All exercise routines should begin only after a period of 40-days post the delivery. According to Tasya, a physiotherapist from Jaipur, women should not strain themselves immediately after the delivery of their child. In the meanwhile, they should continue doing their regular activities and should refrain from complete bed rest. Lest, their muscles become weaker than before.

4. Avoid exercising at a gymnasium. The progress must be gradual and not rigorous. Alternatively, the new mothers could consider walking on different terrains in various stages. For instance, the first stage could be walking within the premises of their houses for about 30 minutes. They could, then, walk for a period of 1 hour on grass. A few months later, they could be encouraged to walk on the footpaths

5. Focus on being fit and not strive towards being slim. Women are expected to be healthy for they have higher responsibilities about their child’s well-being; especially for the first year of their life.

So ladies, stay fit and do not let your physical appearance steal the joy of being a mother!



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